Toishanese (台山話) Textbook Audio

In the 1960’s, the U.S. Defense Language Institute created a course for Toishanese. As far as I know this is the only course available for this language/dialect (I don’t want to get into the argument of which word is correct).

The course is now publicly available.


The textbook for the course can be downloaded from the website as a pdf file, here: link to ERIC website

I also wrote an explanation of the romanization scheme used in this textbook in this post.


Unfortunately, wordpress does not allow uploading of zip files, and I don’t have a permanent hosting site besides the storage that wordpress provides. The audio files have been hosted on other file sharing sites before, but ultimately those download links expire.

Here, at least, the files will remain available, although I know it’s inconvenient to download each one individually.

Volume 1, Lessons 01 – 04 (broken up by drill)
Download Drill 01
Download Drill 02
Download Drill 03
Download Drill 04
Download Drill 05
Download Drill 06
Download Drill 07
Download Drill 08
Download Drill 09
Download Drill 10

Drill 01
Drill 02
Drill 03
Drill 04
Drill 05
Drill 06
Drill 07
Drill 08
Drill 09
Drill 10

Volume 1 (Lessons 01 – 20)
Download V01 L01
Download V01 L02 and L03
Download V01 L04
Download V01 L05
Download V01 L06 and L07
Download V01 L08
Download V01 L09
Download V01 L10
Download V01 L11
Download V01 L12
Download V01 L13
Download V01 L14
Download V01 L15
Download V01 L16
Download V01 L17
Download V01 L18
Download V01 L19
Download V01 L20

V01 L01
V01 L02 and L03
V01 L04
V01 L05
V01 L06 and L07
V01 L08
V01 L09
V01 L10
V01 L11
V01 L12
V01 L13
V01 L14
V01 L15
V01 L16
V01 L17
V01 L18
V01 L19
V01 L20

Volume 2 (Lessons 21 – 40)
Download V02 L21
Download V02 L22
Download V02 L23
Download V02 L24
Download V02 L25
Download V02 L26
Download V02 L27
Download V02 L28
Download V02 L29
Download V02 L30
Download V02 L31
Download V02 L32
Download V02 L33
Download V02 L34
Download V02 L35
Download V02 L36
Download V02 L37
Download V02 L38
Download V02 L39
Download V02 L40

V02 L21
V02 L22
V02 L23
V02 L24
V02 L25
V02 L26
V02 L27
V02 L28
V02 L29
V02 L30
V02 L31
V02 L32
V02 L33
V02 L34
V02 L35
V02 L36
V02 L37
V02 L38
V02 L39
V02 L40

Volume 3 (Lessons 41 – 60)
Download V03 L41
Download V03 L42
Download V03 L43
Download V03 L44
Download V03 L45
Download V03 L46
Download V03 L47
Download V03 L48
Download V03 L49
Download V03 L50
Download V03 L51
Download V03 L52
Download V03 L53
Download V03 L54
Download V03 L55
Download V03 L56
Download V03 L57
Download V03 L58
Download V03 L59
Download V03 L60

V03 L41
V03 L42
V03 L43
V03 L44
V03 L45
V03 L46
V03 L47
V03 L48
V03 L49
V03 L50
V03 L51
V03 L52
V03 L53
V03 L54
V03 L55
V03 L56
V03 L57
V03 L58
V03 L59
V03 L60

Volume 4 (Lessons 01 – 20)
Download V04 L01
Download V04 L02
Download V04 L03
Download V04 L04
Download V04 L05
Download V04 L06
Download V04 L07
Download V04 L08
Download V04 L09
Download V04 L10
Download V04 L11
Download V04 L12
Download V04 L13
Download V04 L14
Download V04 L15
Download V04 L16
Download V04 L17
Download V04 L18
Download V04 L19
Download V04 L20

V04 L01
V04 L02
V04 L03
V04 L04
V04 L05
V04 L06
V04 L07
V04 L08
V04 L09
V04 L10
V04 L11
V04 L12
V04 L13
V04 L14
V04 L15
V04 L16
V04 L17
V04 L18
V04 L19
V04 L20

Volume 5 (Lessons 01 – 20)
Download V05 L01
Download V05 L02
Download V05 L03
Download V05 L04
Download V05 L05
Download V05 L06
Download V05 L07
Download V05 L08
Download V05 L09
Download V05 L10
Download V05 L11
Download V05 L12
Download V05 L13
Download V05 L14
Download V05 L15
Download V05 L16
Download V05 L17
Download V05 L18
Download V05 L19
Download V05 L20

V05 L01
V05 L02
V05 L03
V05 L04
V05 L05
V05 L06
V05 L07
V05 L08
V05 L09
V05 L10
V05 L11
V05 L12
V05 L13
V05 L14
V05 L15
V05 L16
V05 L17
V05 L18
V05 L19
V05 L20

Volume 6 (Lessons 01 – 20)
Download V06 L01
Download V06 L02
Download V06 L03
Download V06 L04
Download V06 L05
Download V06 L06
Download V06 L07
Download V06 L08
Download V06 L09
Download V06 L10
Download V06 L11
Download V06 L12
Download V06 L13
Download V06 L14
Download V06 L15
Download V06 L16
Download V06 L17
Download V06 L18
Download V06 L19
Download V06 L20

V06 L01
V06 L02
V06 L03
V06 L04
V06 L05
V06 L06
V06 L07
V06 L08
V06 L09
V06 L10
V06 L11
V06 L12
V06 L13
V06 L14
V06 L15
V06 L16
V06 L17
V06 L18
V06 L19
V06 L20


19 Responses to Toishanese (台山話) Textbook Audio

  1. Brian says:

    OMG you are my savior!

  2. 张威龙 says:

    This is a real treasure. Thank you for making it available…

  3. Sandra says:

    Thanks a lot! You are the man!

  4. Stephen Li says:

    Thank you so much for posting the audio files.

    I found the text file some time ago. Not knowing that the audio files are available, and I started to do the recording myself and post them to the web.

    I’m wondering if Vol. 7 files are also available?

    Can I re-post the files from my website (with acknowledgements of the cource of course)?


    • Ben says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for including a link to your site, I have looked for Taishanese websites often and never found yours before. Yes, I would be happy to exchange links with you.

      I bought the audio casettes from the Defense Language Institute, and they never sent any audio for Volume 7. So I do not think any recordings were ever made for the final volume.

  5. feyMorgaina says:

    I have been looking for material on Toisan-wa for a few years now, and settled for the Teach Yourself Cantonese material. Thanks for sharing this!

    I am using Linode to host my own blog and website, so I hope you don’t mind if I put this in a/some zip file(s) on there. Most likely, I will post a link to it on my blog and/or site.


  6. Pingback: Pneumatised! » Learning Chinese: Cantonese or Mandarin? Or…? Taishanese!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank You! Currently learningpu mandarin, I saved the course for later focusing in cantonese.

  8. Tim says:

    This is really nice, but the request from the ERIC website has taken ages. Does anyone have a copy of the text, and can upload it to a file sharing server somewhere? I will be greatly indebted to you. Thank you!

  9. Mimi says:

    This is a treasure trove. This is great for someone like me who grew up with toishan-wa at home, but did not get proficient in speaking it. This gives me a second chance to learn how to speak it better than I have in years. I only wish there was a way to slow down the speech to hear the pronunciations better.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Many audio software have the slow-down and speed-up options, including Audacity, a tool I use to build my on-line Taishanese dictionary:

  11. Sandra says:

    I have that textbook but I don’t know how to upload it here

  12. Nathan says:

    I’ve looked around too, and I found the text here:

    Click to access FSI-ED022176.pdf

  13. Johne401 says:

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  14. DigiSoftYoutube Downloader (available at is an easy to use program that is designed for batch downloading, so if you want to download lots of videos at one time, try it.

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