Trying to Explain 台山話 Using 廣東話

I’m not completely happy with my pronunciation in this one, but I will use the excuses that I was tired, I was having trouble thinking in 3 languages at once, and that I haven’t practiced Toishanese/Hoisanwa/台山話 in a long time.  Also the content; I had planned to give a lot more examples but I suddenly forgot them when I started filming.

I think I’ll keep making these, and hopefully my explanations get more clear with more practice.


new post coming soon

I’ve been meaning to put up a new video in Cantonese, but I’ve just been finding too many excuses not to get around to it.  Hopefully this post will help me feel more committed to making a real post this week.

Better WordPress Theme?

I’ve been trying to find a good wordpress theme.  What I really want is:

  • content to stretch out across whole screen, instead of just using about a third of the screen
  • tables to not overlap with the sidebar (this happened when the sidebar was on the right)
  • good table formatting (in some themes, the tables for my transcripts are just text with spacing between them, instead of actual tables)
  • ability to use tag cloud (some themes don’t have this)
  • ability to have custom pages (some themes don’t have this)

Sometimes in the “preview” mode of the theme it will look like the post will use up the whole screen, but then once I activate that theme, the actual blog shows a really narrow content area.

So does anyone know a good wordpress theme to use?  Thanks in advance!

Feel Free to Comment

I’ve turned off the requirement for leaving e-mail address before being able to comment. Hopefully now there is nothing left discouraging you all from leaving comments.

I would appreciate hearing:
1. areas I can improve
2. subjects you’d want me to blog on
3. I don’t whether my audience is natives judging my progress or fellow learners hoping to learn more vocabulary, or maybe to learn from my mistakes (I can share those too!)

Drawing Ruined Beans

I know the blog title is a bit unimaginative. This is not for lack of trying. Read more of this post