Romanization System

I know that the 1960’s course from the Defense Language Institute for 台山話 uses a really old romanization system.  And I know it gave me a lot of trouble at first.  So I made this write-up to:

  • help explain some of the differences between the romanization scheme in this textbook and the Yale and jyutping romanization schemes used in Cantonese
  • help explain some of the patterns I observed in the similarities between Cantonese and Hoisanwa

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Toishanese Audio Uploaded

I have added a new page to the blog to hose the audio for the Defense Language Institute’s 1960’s Toishanese course.  You can find it by going to the menu or following this link.

The audio had been uploaded to many other file sharing sites, but the links on those sites kept expiring.  The files are all in the public domain, so feel free to download them or listen to them from that page. 

A link to the textbook is also available on the same page.

Toisanese 5th Lesson

This is my reading of “Volume 1, Lesson 5” of the 1960’s Defense Language Institute’s “Toishanese” course.
You can find the textbook at by searching for “Chinese-Cantonese (Toishan) Basic Course”.

I’m trying to improve my pronunciation by recording myself every 5 lessons.