Podcast Recommendations

I’m really trying to focus on listening comprehension, so I recently started getting more and more podcasts off itunes. I currently have 4.5 days (108 hours) of unlistened podcasts.

There were others that I tried out, but I don’t remember their names.  Most of them spent too much time talking in Mandarin, or the audio quality was poor.  Here are the ones I’ve been listening to and watching:

SBS Cantonese – this I mostly play in the background. I only actively listen to the cooking shows or children’s stories
動漫廢物 – this one I only recently discovered, but they seem very animated so it holds my interest. Every episode is 30+ minutes.
香港電台:一潮天子 – these are all about 5 to 10 minutes. They remind of Loveline
香港電台:人民人情 – although these are 2 minutes, the first 45 seconds is wasted on the introduction.  The rest is still useful since they are trying to introduce vocabulary words and they explain a little bit about the topic
香港電台:空中結緣 – seem to be a collection of stories, and there are a lot of them, and they are each 55 minutes long, so lots of material that is easy to understand

香港電台:HONG KONG.300 – short technology-related videos
香港電台:天下父母經-牛爸爸講古 – some quick children’s cartoons
香港電台:有房出租 – a new TV show that focuses on a house full of renters, I found it somewhat funny but I didn’t understand everything that was going on


Beyond – Spoken Cantonese Songs?

The few Beyond songs I had heard before were pure formal Cantonese. This is the first time I’ve seen one with spoken Cantonese:

Please leave comments if you know of other songs from Beyond that include colloquial Cantonese.