Beyond – Spoken Cantonese Songs?

The few Beyond songs I had heard before were pure formal Cantonese. This is the first time I’ve seen one with spoken Cantonese:

Please leave comments if you know of other songs from Beyond that include colloquial Cantonese.


5 Responses to Beyond – Spoken Cantonese Songs?

  1. James says:

    Hi Ben,
    It’s hkboy from over at the other site. Many thanks for your method of keeping track of your vocabulary. Also, I’ll give a listen to this Beyond video tonight.


  2. MakMak says:

    This is interesting, however, I'm still not surprised that a good chunk is still in formal chinese rather than cantonese.

  3. Dana says:

    Nice video – first time I think I’ve seen the actual cantonese characters in a subtitle instead of the mandarin translation (佢 instead of 他!). I wish they always used cantonese characters and just put the mandarin translation in parenthesis.

    This isn’t Beyond, but here is a Sam Hui video I found with Cantonese:

    There’s 乜嘢 and 冇 in the sub-titles, too name a few.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks for mentioning Sam Hui / 許冠傑. I did not know about him at the time of this post, and just discovered him about two weeks ago searching for more music videos on youtube. My father-in-law just bought me one of his CDs last week and the lyrics are included with it. The lyrics are in simplified, but also are in actual Cantonese!

      • Dana says:

        Your welcome Ben. One thing I like about Sam Hui is his songs that take a Western song and adds his own lyrics to it, like this one that uses Paul Simon’s “Mother and Child Reunion” but the lyrics are about the Hong Kong water shortages:

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