Better WordPress Theme?

I’ve been trying to find a good wordpress theme.  What I really want is:

  • content to stretch out across whole screen, instead of just using about a third of the screen
  • tables to not overlap with the sidebar (this happened when the sidebar was on the right)
  • good table formatting (in some themes, the tables for my transcripts are just text with spacing between them, instead of actual tables)
  • ability to use tag cloud (some themes don’t have this)
  • ability to have custom pages (some themes don’t have this)

Sometimes in the “preview” mode of the theme it will look like the post will use up the whole screen, but then once I activate that theme, the actual blog shows a really narrow content area.

So does anyone know a good wordpress theme to use?  Thanks in advance!


4 Responses to Better WordPress Theme?

  1. Eldon says:

    I think it’s fine how it is at the moment y’know. If a column of text is too wide it becomes uncomfortable to move your eyes to the next line, which is why most all themes are capped at a certain width.

    Having said that, you might be able to widen the screen and fix the tables problem with a little CSS (shouldn’t be too hard, just copy-pasta someone else’s code). I searched long and hard for a theme with a very specific set of criteria there was only one that ticked all the boxes… it’s not easy.

  2. MakMak says:

    I like the new look. Does hosting on as opposed to an external server cause you to be restricted on how expansive your themes can be? (i.e. you can’t edit them directly)

    • Ben says:

      Correct, some themes have a “Theme Options” page where some specific things can be changed. But overall you cannot change very much without paying extra for a upgrade that gives permission to edit the CSS.

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