Language Learning

Here’s another monologue which I would appreciate feedback on.  This time I discussed my own experience with language learning.

I was advised to try writing the blog entry first instead of speaking spontaneously. While I would prefer to speak spontaneously, I do think writing everything first is good advice. This helped me to plan what I would say, and hopefully will help move more of my “passive vocabulary” into “active vocabulary”.

Since I’m just reading this time, I made this one an mp3 instead of a video. 

And as a bonus, this way it can be downloaded (hopefully one day I will have readers who will want to learn from my monologues): Download File

The transcript follows:

Chinese Yale Romanization English
我好鍾意學講語言。 ngo5 hou2 jung1 yi3 hok6 gong2 yu5 yin4. I really like learning languages.
我諗個人以前學語言嘅經驗真係影響呢次嘅學語言。 ngo5 nam2 go3 yan4 yi5 chin4 hok6 yu5 yin4 ge3 ging1 yim6 jan1 hai6 ying2 heung2 ni1 chi3 ge3 hok6 yu5 yin4. I think that people’s previoius learning experiences really affect their current learning of language.
所以,我想講我以前學語言嘅經驗。 so2 yi5, ngo5 seung2 gong2 ngo5 yi5 chin4 hok6 yu5 yin4 ge3 ging1 yim6. Therefore, I wanted to tell my previous language learning experience.
我細蚊仔嗰陣時,聽嫲嫲同佢兄弟姉妹講德文。 ngo5 sai3 man1 jai2 go2 jan6 si4 , teng1 ngo5 ma4 ma2 tung4 keui5 hing1 dai6 ji2 mui6 gong2 dak1 man4.   As a kid I heard my grandma speak German with her siblings.
我唔明白晒,不過我好有興趣知道佢哋講乜嘢呀。 ngo5 m4 ming4 baak6 saai3, bat1 gwo3 ngo5 hou2 yau5 hing3 cheui3 ji1 dou6 keui5 dei6 gong2 mat1 ye5 a3. I did not understand any of it, but I was really interested in knowing what they said.
由細到大,我決定將來會學講德文啦。  yau4 sai3 dou3 daai6, ngo5 kyut3 ding6 jeung1 loi4 wui5 hok6 gong2 dak1 man4 laak3. As a kid, I decided in the future I will learn to speak German.
我返初中學,佢哋冇得覺德文添! bat1 gwo3, ngo5 faan1 cho1 jung1 hok6, keui5 dei6 mou5 dak1 gaau3 dak1 man4 tim1! However, when I went to middle school, they were not able to teach German!
噉,我學法文,決定將來仲會學講德文。  gam2, ngo5 hok6 faat3 man4, kyut3 ding6 ngo5 jeung1 loi4 jung6 wui5 hok6 gong2 dak1 man4. So, I learned French, and decided that in the future I would still learn German.
我學咗法文一年。 而家忘記晒,乜都冇得講喎。 ngo5 hok6 jo2 faat3 man4 yat1 nin4.  yi4 ga1 mong4 gei3 saai3, mat1 dou1 mou5 dak1 gong2 wo3. I studied French for 1 year.  Now, I forgot it completely, I can’t say anything.
我返高中學,佢哋冇得覺德文。 ngo5 faan1 gou1 jung1 hok6, keui5 dei6 dou1 mou5 dak1 gaau3 dak1 man4. I went to high school, they also could not teach German.
所以,我學西班牙話四年。 so2 yi5, ngo5 hok6 sai1 baan1 nga4 wa2 sei3 nin4. Therefore, I studied Spanish for four years.
其實,我講西班牙話講得好或者講唔到,我唔理。 kei4 sat6, ngo5 gong2 sai1 baan1 nga4 wa2 gong2 dak1 hou2 waak6 je2 gong2 m4 dou2, ngo5 m4 lei5. Actually, Whether I spoke Spanish well or not, I did not care.
我淨係學西班牙話因爲我要去好嘅大學。 ngo5 jing6 hai6 hok6 sai1 baan1 nga4 wa2 yan1 wai6 ngo5 yiu3 heui3 hou2 ge3 daai6 hok6. I only studied Spanish because I wanted to go to a good college.
我而家忘記大多數嘅西班牙話。 識睇西班牙話小小,識聽小小,但係唔識講喎。 ngo5 yi4 ga1 mong4 gei3 daai6 do1 sou3 ge3 sai1 baan1 nga4 wa2.  sik1 tai2 sai1 baan1 nga4 wa2 siu2 siu2, sik1 teng1 siu2 siu2, daan6 hai6 m4 sik1 gong2 wo3. I now forgot most of Spanish.  I can read a little, I can hear a little, but I cannot speak.
我返大學,我有兩個主修。我以爲「主修」即係“major“。 ngo5 faan1 daai6 hok6, ngo5 yau5 leung5 go3 jyu2 sau1.  ngo5 yi5 wai6 “jyu2 sau1” jik1 hai6 “major”. Going to college, I had two [this word].  I think [this word] is “major”.
我嗰陣時好忙,冇時間學語言。 ngo5 go2 jan6 si4 hou2 mong4, mou5 si4 gaan3 hok6 yu5 yin4. At that time I was very busy, no time to study languages.
我試過學德文兩個學期,但係非常失敗。 ngo5 si3 gwo3 hok6 dak1 man4 leung5 go3 hok6 kei4 , daan6 hai6 fei1 seung4 sat1 baai6. I tried to study German for two semesters, but I failed extremely.
因爲我外父外母唔識講英文,我學緊廣東話啦。 yan1 wai6 ngo5 ngoi6 fu2 ngoi6 mou5 m4 sik1 gong2 ying1 man4, ngo5 hok6 gan2 gong2 gwong2 dung1 wa2 la3. Because my father-in-law and mother-in-law don’t speak English, I am learning Cantonese.
佢哋亦都唔識講普通話。 keui5 dei6 yik6 dou1 m4 sik1 gong2 pou2 tung1 wa2. They also don’t speak Mandarin.
好多人文我,「點解冇學普通話?」。 不過,普通話對我真係冇用噃。 hou2 do1 yan4 man6 ngo5, dim2 gaai2 mou5 hok6 pou2 tung1 wa2.  bat1 gwo3, pou2 tung1 wa2 deui3 ngo5 jan1 hai6 mou5 yung6 bo3. Many people ask me, why I did not learn Mandarin.  But, for me Mandarin has no use.
我開始讀書嗰陣,我一個禮拜一次返學。 ngo5 hoi1 chi2 duk6 syu1 go2 jan2, ngo5 yat1 go3 lai5 baai3 yat1 chi3 faan1 hok6. At the time when I started studying, I attended class once a week.
我好快發覺,上堂學語言唔會進步。 ngo5 hou2 faai3 faat3 gok3, seung5 tong4 hok6 yu5 yin4 m4 wui5 jeun3 bou6. I quickly realized, going to class to learn a language does not give much progress.
學咗好細嘅詞彙。 hok6 jo2 hou2 sai3 ge3 chi4 wui6. I learned a very small vocabulary.
我開始自學。喺香港嘅網址買有音書。 去唐人埠買DVD呀、CD呀。 ngo5 hoi1 chi2 ji6 hok6.  hai2 heung1 gong2 ge3 mong5 ji2 maai5 yau5 yam1 syu1.  heui3 tong4 yan4 fau6 maai5 DVD a3, CD a3. I started to self-study.  I went to HK websites to buy books-with-audio.  I went to Chinatown to buy DVDs and CDs.
至緊要,我時時帶我嘅筆記簿。 ji3 gan2 yiu3, ngo5 si4 si4 daai3 ngo5 ge3 bat1 gei3 bou2. Most importantly, I always carried my notebook.
我一向寫落嚟唔明白嘅字。 ngo5 yat1 heung3 se2 lok6 lai4 m4 ming4 baak6 ge3 ji6. I constantly wrote down words I didn’t understand.
返屋企,我睇字典,整“flashcards”。 faan1 uk1 kei2, ngo5 tai2 ji6 din2, jing2 “flashcards”. Reaching home, I looked in the dictionary, and made flashcards.
對唔住,“flashcards”廣東話唔知道點講。 deui3 m4 jyu6, “flashcards” gwong2 dung1 wa2 m4 ji1 dim2 gong2. Sorry, I don’t know how to say flashcards in Cantonese.
呢排,哦同我老婆學意大利話。我哋一日想喺意大利國旅遊。 ni1 paai2, ngo5 tung4 ngo5 lou5 po4 hok6 yi3 daai6 lei6 wa2.  ngo5 dei6 yat1 yat6 seung2 hai2 yi3 daai6 lei6 gwok3 leui5 yau4. Recently, I and my wife are learning Italian.  One day, we want to go to Italy on vacation.
而且,我自學講台山話。 yi4 che2, ngo5 ji6 hok6 gong2 toi4 saan1 wa2. Furthermore, I am self-studying Toishanese.
而且,我繼續溫習講廣東話。 yi4 che2, ngo5 gai3 juk6 wan1 jaap6 gong2 gwong2 dung1 wa2. Furthermore, I continue to review speaking Cantonese.
仲有,我仲想將來學講德文啦。 jung6 yau5, ngo5 jung6 seung2 jeung1 loi4 hok6 gong2 dak1 man4 laak3. Also, in the future I still want to learn to speak German.
係噉先。 我希望呢啲資料對你哋有用。 hai6 gam2 sin1.  ngo5 hei1 mong6 ni1 di1 ji1 liu2 deui3 nei5 dei6 yau5 yung6. That’s all.  I hope this information is useful to you.  
希望我鼓勵你哋學語言。 hei1 mong6 ngo5 gu2 lai6 nei5 dei6 hok6 yu5 yin4. I hope I encourage you to learn languages.

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  1. MakMak says:

    You’re pretty good. How many years of experience do you have with this? =]

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