Favorite Videos of FAMA and LMF

It’s so hard to find singers who sing in colloquial Cantonese, as opposed to singing in a very formal written-style Cantonese.

I just discovered the bands FAMA and LMF a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed some of their music videos. Here are my favorites.

First from FAMA, I like how they can alternate between formal Cantonese and colloquial cantonese (and even throw in some English):

Also, from LMF I really liked the below song. I especially like the line 「二就自由只有兩個字」. I don’t know why but I really find the “yi6 jau6” , “ji6 yau4” and “ji2 yau5” back-to-back to sound very interesting.

Also, the line 「One 平等。一個Freedom。」. I like how they found a sentence which in half-Chinese/half-English which rhymes with itself (more or less) when the two halves switch languages.


6 Responses to Favorite Videos of FAMA and LMF

  1. llkoko says:

    You should check out the Malaysian hip-hop group Manhand!
    They rap in Cantonese and their style is so fresh 🙂

  2. MakMak says:

    Listen to LMF – WTF, but don’t blame me if it’s too crude
    You can also listen to 許冠傑 alot of his songs are in colloquial

    btw, can you also put http://www.canton168.com/forums on your site? as like “Cantonese Promotion Forums” or “Cantonese Defense Forums”

    I need all the help I can get 🙂 Thanks keep up the good work

  3. Eldon Reeves says:

    Wah, hadn’t come across FAMA before… good stuff.

    I find that the difference between listening to Cantohop and Cantopop is like the difference between listening to English and French… Cantonese hip-hop sounds really natural and understandable, whereas “normal” music feels totally alien :/

    • Ben says:

      Yes I agree, too often people give advice that singing to karaoke is a good way to learn Cantonese. But I think if someone actually tried that advice for a large portion of their study time, they would end up sounding far too formal and using the wrong set of vocabulary. That’s why I prefer to focus on cantohop / cantorap.

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