Drawing Ruined Beans

I know the blog title is a bit unimaginative. This is not for lack of trying.

I really would have preferred a phrase that made sense in both Chinese and English, like these:

G.O.D. – 住好啲 – http://www.god.com.hk/index.php
When pronounced in Cantonese , the Chinese sounds somewhat similar to the letters G.O.D. and means “live better”. They sell furniture.

Les Enphants – 麗嬰房 – http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=2492
According to the Language Log link above, when pronounced in Mandarin the Chinese here does sound a lot like “Les Enfants”, and means “beautiful baby shop”.

As for my own blog title, I really couldn’t think of a good title. I eventually settled for “Work in Progress”, both because the title itself was still a work in progress, and because the process of learning a language is a life-long struggle.

But the only Chinese I could come up with for this is 畫緊破嘅豉 which sounds like “wok-gun progressy” (but don’t pronounce the Rs) and means “drawing ruined beans”. If you know Yale pingyam/pinyin, this is “waak6 gan2 po3 ge3 si6”.


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