I tried to make an un-scripted introduction. But the bad thing about speaking spontaneously, is that I don’t have much public speaking practice. I think it really shows in all the “umms” and “errs” almost every other word. Hopefully I get more fluid with more practice.

Here’s a transcript of what I said:

Chinese Yale English
大家好! 今日我會介紹自己。 我叫 Ben,冇中文名。 我二十七歳。 daai6 ga1 hou2! gam1 yat6 ngo5 wui5 gaai3 siu6 ji6 gei2. ngo5 giu3 Ben, mou5 jung1 man4 meng2. ngo5 yi6 sap6 chat1 seui3. Hello everyone! Today I will introduce myself. My name is Ben, I don’t have a Chinese name. I am 27 years old.
原來,我喺 Indiana 出世。 我七歳嗰陣時我同我媽媽一齊搬屋去加州羅省 (洛杉磯)。 yun4 loi4, ngo5 hai2 Indiana cheut1 sai3. ngo5 chat1 seui3 go2 jan6 si4 ngo5 tung4 ngo5 ma4 ma1 yat1 chai4 bun1 uk1 heui3 ga1 jau1 lo4 saang2. Originally, I was born in Indiana. At 7 years old, I and my mom moved to Los Angeles, California.
我而家喺加州灣區住。即係好近 San Jose。 ngo5 yi4 ga1 hai2 ga1 jau1 waan1 keui1 jyu6. jik1 hai6 hou2 kan5 San Jose. Now, I live in the California Bay Area. Actually, very near to San Jose.
我爸爸啲祖先喺 Indiana 住左。 ngo5 ba4 ba1 di1 jou2 sin1 hai2 Indiana jyu6 jo2. My dad’s ancestors lived in Indiana.
我媽媽啲祖先喺加州住左。 ngo5 ma4 ma1 di1 jou2 sin1 hai2 ga1 jau1 jyu6 jo2. My mom’s ancestors lived in California.
所以我細蚊仔嗰陣時我一半時間喺 Indiana 玩,一半時間喺加州玩。 so2 yi5 ngo5 sai3 man1 jai2 go2 jan6 si4 ngo5 yat1 bun3 si4 gaan3 hai2 Indiana waan2, yat1 bun3 si4 gaan3 hai2 ga1 jau1 waan2. Therefore, as a child I spent half my time in Indiana, half my time in Calfornia.
我喺加州羅省讀書。 應該係喺加州羅省高中學畢業。 ngo5 hai2 ga1 jau1 lo4 saang2 duk6 syu1. ying1 goi1 hai6 hai2 ga1 jau1 lo4 saang2 gou1 jung1 hok6 bat1 yip6. I studied in Los Angeles. That should be … in Los Angeles, I graduated from high school.
應該講乜嘢呀? 點解我識講廣東話廣東話? ying1 goi1 gong2 mat1 ye5 a3? dim2 gaai2 ngo5 sik1 gong2 gwong2 dung1 wa2 a3? What (else) should I say? … Why do I speak Cantonese?
因爲我外父外母唔識講英文,所以我決定我應該學講廣東話。 yan1 wai6 ngo5 ngoi6 fu2 ngoi6 mou5 m4 sik1 gong2 ying1 man4, so2 yi5 ngo5 kyut3 ding6 ngo5 ying1 goi1 hok6 gong2 gwong2 dung1 wa2. Because my father-in-law and mother-in-law cannot speak English, therefore I decided I should learn to speak Cantonese.
其實,佢哋係台山人,但係我搵唔到台山話老師。 kei4 sat6, keui5 dei6 hai6 toi4 saan1 yan4, daan6 hai6 ngo5 wan2 m4 dou2 toi4 saan1 wa2 lou5 si1. Actually, they are Toishanese. but I could not find a Toishanese teacher.
我三年前開始學講廣東話。 我最近開始學講台山話。 ngo5 saam1 nin4 chin4 hoi1 chi2 gong2 gwong2 dung1 wa2. ngo5 jeui3 gan6 hoi1 chi2 hok6 gong2 toi4 saan1 wa2. Three years ago I started to learn to speak Cantonese. I recently started to learn to speak Toishanese.
我開始呢個 blog 因爲我一定要練習多啲。 ngo5 hoi1 chi2 ni1 go3 blog yan1 wai6 ngo5 yat1 ding6 yiu3 lin4 jaap6 do1 di1. I started this blog because I really need to practice more.
所以,我希望我會一個禮拜一或者兩次整一個 blog entry。 so2 yi5, ngo5 hei1 mong6 ngo5 wui5 yat1 go3 lai4 baai3 yat1 waak6 je2 leung5 chi3 jing2 yat1 go3 blog entry. Therefore, I hope I will – once or twice a week – make a blog entry.
我覺得我而家好口窒窒噉講。 ngo5 gok3 dak1 yi4 ga1 hou2 hau2 jat6 jat6 gam2 gong2. I consider that I currently speak very stutteringly.
所以我希望我會進步講得廣東話。 係噉先! so2 yi5, ngo5 hei1 mong6 ngo5 wui5 jeun3 bou6 gong2 dak1 gwong2 dung1 wa2. hai6 gam2 sin1! Therefore, I hope I will progress with speaking Cantonse. That’s all for now!

2 Responses to Introduction

  1. Edwin says:

    Your tones are excellent. Watch out for the foreign ‘ch’ sound.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks, yes the ‘ch’ and ‘j’ sound are something I didn’t know about until after a few years. None of the teachers in my earlier classes ever pointed out that ‘ch’ and ‘j’ are different in Cantonese than English. So now I do make mistakes if I’m not careful.

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